Mitochondrial ROS and longevity: Recent scientific advances

Anne Lechuga V Targeting mitochondriaAna Lechuga-Vieco, researcher from Fundación Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares, Spain will talk about her study on "Mitochondrial ROS and longevity: Recent scientific advances" during 8th World congress on Targeting Mitochondria.

According her reseach, she summarize her talk: "Animal models with identical nuclear genomes but with different mtDNA haplotypes (conplastic mice) generate functionally different OXPHOS systems that shape the organismal metabolism, supporting the conclusion that different mtDNA wild type haplotypes are phenotypically relevant. We report that mtDNA haplotype profoundly influences reactive oxygen species generation, energy homeostasis metabolism, and ageing parameters among others, resulting in different healthy longevities of conplastic strains. The existence of intrinsic mismatch between mtDNA and nDNA reveals lifelong metabolic consequences."


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