Dr Yuri Takeda will talk about the prevention of mitochondrial disease transmission

Yuko Takeda Targeting mitochondriaDr. Yuko Takeda from The Newcastle University, United Kingdom will participate to the Targeting Mitochondria World congress 2017 and present her & her team's study on "Early pronuclear transfer to prevent mitochondrial DNA disease".

According to Dr Takeda, the mutations in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) are maternally transmitted and are associated with a broad range of debilitating and fatal multisystem diseases. There are currently no effective treatments for mtDNA disease, however, there has been much interest in the potential of reproductive technologies to prevent transmission. One approach involves the transfer of pronuclei from the fertilized egg of an affected woman to that of a healthy donor, termed pronuclear transfer (PNT).

More information about the congress: www.targeting-mitochondria.com