Presentation of novel mechanisms of mitochondrial damage in oxidative death signaling are key targets for neuroprotective strategies

targeting mitochondria CulmseeProf. Carsten Culmsee from Marburg Center for Mind, Brain and Behavior, Biochemical-Pharmacological Center Marburg at Institute for Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Marburg, Germany will present the novel mechanisms of mitochondrial damage in oxidative death signaling as key targets for neuroprotective strategies. This presentation will be hedl during the 8th edition of Targeting Mitochondria Congress 2017.

According to Prof. Culmsee, neurodegenerative diseases share hallmarks of detrimental cellular stress such as disruption of neuronal calcium homeostasis and oxidative stress. In Prof. Culmsee's group, they study novel mechanisms of oxidative stress signaling and associated mitochondrial demise as emerging targets for neuroprotective approaches. [...] These findings, which will be described during the congress, provide novel molecular links between oxidative, pathways of regulated necrosis and mitochondrial demise. Thus, therapeutic approaches targeting mitochondria or upstream mechanisms of regulated necrosis hold promising potential for neuroprotective strategies.

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