Targeting mitochondrial metabolism, geroprotection to treating Alzheimer’s disease

currais-mitochondria-2018Dr. Antonio Currais from The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, USA will give a presentation about "Targeting mitochondrial metabolism, geroprotection to treating Alzheimer’s disease" during the 9th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria, which will be held at Steigenberger Hotel, Berlin on October 23-25, 2018.

According to Dr Currais: "In light of the consistent failures in clinical trials for Alzheimer's disease (AD), there is an urgent need to understand the primary mechanisms driving the disease and to identify new drug targets based upon this information. Age is by far the greatest risk factor for AD and related dementias. Using a set of compounds that we developed to purposely target features of the aging brain, we have identified a unique anti-aging and neuroprotective molecular pathway that is associated with the enhancement of mitochondrial metabolism and stability over time. The implications of our findings to the fields of aging, AD and mitochondria will be presented and discussed."

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