Extracellular Mitochondria: The Intriguing Localization and Role


Special Session: Extracellular Mitochondria

The Scientific Committee decided to dedicate a session during Targeting Mitochondria 2020 to extracellular mitochondria.

Mitochondria goes further than its role as the powerhouse and becomes a signaling organelle outside the cell.


Forms of extracellular mitochondria can be found free, enclosed by a membrane as inside platelets or vesicles, or as cell-free circulating mitochondria DNA. All forms of mitochondria outside cells can induce paracrine or endocrine responses in an organism.

The pathophysiological role played by platelet and their mitochondria will be particularly discussed.
The interplay between platelet mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress, mitochondrial DNA lesions, electron transfer chain impairments, mitochondrial apoptosis, and mitophagy will be also highlighted.
Therapies targeting platelet mitochondria or extracellular mitochondria in diseases will be also debated.

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