Targeting Mitochondria 2020 - Preliminary Agenda

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

17:00 - 18:00 Registration & Material delivery

Day 1 - Thursday, October 29, 2020

07:45 - Registration & Welcoming of attendees

08:45 - Welcome Note & Introduction Remarks
Volkmar Weissig, President of the World Mitochondria Society, Midwestern University, USA
Marvin Edeas, University Paris Descartes, Inserm 1016, Institute Cochin, France

Session 1 - Recent Advances on Mitochondrial Dysfunctions and Dynamics in Chronic Diseases: The Mechanisms

Mitochondria & Microbiota Inter-talk
Mitochondria & Redox Regulation
Mitochondria & Viral Infection
Mitochondria & Metabolic Syndrome
Mitochondria & Neurodegenerative Diseases Mitochondria & Cancer


Session 2 - Extracellular Mitochondria: The Intriguing Localization and Role

Free Extracellular mitochondria
Platelets mitochondria
Vesicles mitochondria
Cell-free circulating mitochondria DNA
Targeting Extracellular mitochondria in Diseases


Session 3 - Targeting Intra & Extra Mitochondria in COVID-19 Pathogenesis: An Emerging Strategy

The Pathophysiological Role of Intra & Extra Mitochondria in COVID-19
Role of Iron, Ferroptosis and Oxidative Stress


Session 4 - An update: The Challenge of Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Mitochondrial Function in vitro and in vivo

Extra Mitochondria Evaluations
Mitochondria Quality Control
Mitochondria Devices: New methods to detect Mitochondria Dysfunction
Mitochondria as Biomarkers Presentation of Practical Cases

18:30 - End of the first day

20:00 - End of the first day Targeting Mitochondria Dinner 

Day 2 - Friday, October 30, 2020 

08:55 - Opening of the second day 

Session 5 - Symposium: Non-Coding RNAs in Nuclear-Mitochondrial Crosstalk: Applications for RNA Medicine

: Eric Barrey, GABI & (INRAE) and Nina Entelis (UNISTRA) - France


Introduction: Variety of non-coding RNA imported and encoded in mitochondria
Eric Barrey, University Paris-Saclay, INRAE, AgroParisTech, France

Molecular mechanisms of ncRNAs transport into mitochondria: emerging approaches and potential gene therapy applications
Nina Entelis, UNISTRA, France

Long non-coding RNA SAMMSON and beyond: uncoupling cytosolic and mitochondrial-translation as an effective anti-melanoma strategy
Eleonora Leucci, Laboratory for RNA Cancer Biology, Department of Oncology, KU Leuven, Belgium

Targeting long non-coding mitochondrial RNA for cancer therapy
Veronica Burzio, Universidad Andrés Bello, Fundación Ciencia & Vida, Andes Biotechnologies, Republic of Chile

Round table: Prospective on other mitochondrial gene therapies
moderated by Ivan Tarassov, UNISTRA, Strasbourg, France

Session 6 - Strategies to Target Mitochondria: Clinical Trials and Potential Mitochondria-based Therapies

Strategies to Target Stem Cells
Strategies to Target miRNA
Strategies to Target Extracellular Mitochondria
Strategies to Replace Mitochondria Clinical & Therapeutic Directions 

Session 7: Mitochondria Innovations 2020


18:00 Conclusion of Targeting Mitochondria 2020

18:15 Targeting Mitochondria 2020 Awards

18:30 End of Targeting Mitochondria 2020