Targeting Mitochondria 2020 will be a Virtual and In-Person Congress


We have been closely following updates and evolving guidance from local, national and global agencies for COVID-19. There is still much uncertainty around the coronavirus, and how long our communities may be impacted by the pandemic, but it seems certain that decisions about how we work, travel and gather together will continue to be influenced for weeks and months still to come. Today, we have made the decision to combine the In-Person and Virtual conference.


If you cannot attend in-person or virtual due to the restriction and time zone difference, you can access on-demand videos to this entire event, including synced audio/video and slides.

All posters will be in PDF format. You can visit them, upload and interact directly with the poster presenter. You can also exchange with speakers via direct or private exchange during the conference.


We will keep you informed of any new decision.

Marvin Edeas - A Pilot Study - Microbiota Quality and Mitochondrial Activity Link with Occurrence of Muscle Cramps ...

Marvin Edeas - Microbiota Quality and Mitochondrial Activity


Marvin Edeas explains Microbiota Quality and Mitochondrial Activity Link with Occurrence of Muscle Cramps in Hemodialysis Patients using Citrate Dialysate: A Pilot Study

Authors:  Pierre-Yves Durand, Carole Nicco, Dedier Serteyn, David Attaf, Marvin Edeas


Hemodialysis-associated muscle cramp (HAMC) is a common complication under citrate dialysate (CD) occurring in 30% of cases. Our objectives were to assess the gut microbiota quality, mitochondrial activity, and to investigate their possible relationship with HAMC.


Ten end-stage renal disease patients (78.9 ± 2.1 years) treated by hemodialysis (HD) with CD were enrolled and then classified according to the frequency of HAMCs: "frequent HAMCs group" (n = 5) and "absence of HAMCs group" (n = 5). Gut microbiota quality, mitochondrial activity, and some markers of oxidative stress (OS) were investigated.


In patients with cramps, gut microbiota diversity seemed lower and some genera including Helicobacter, Lachnospira, Roseburia, and Haemophilus seemed over-expressed, a significant increase of citratemia and significant lowering mitochondrial function were observed. No difference was observed on the OS markers.


This first clinical study revealed a possible dysbiosis of microbiota and a mitochondrial dysfunction into HD patients with cramps under CD compared to patients without cramp.