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The Scientific Committe published the First Agenda of Targeting Mitochondria World Congress which will be held at Ritz Carlton, Berlin from October 29 to 31.

The communications accepted for Poster will be published next Tuesday.

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P1080606The Scientific Committee of Targeting Mitochondria 2014 is pleased to accounce the list of posters accepted for Posters Presentations during Targeting Mitochondria World Congress which will be held at Ritz-Carlton Hotel on October 29-30-31, 2014.

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The scientific committee invited  Dr. Anurag Agrawa to present his excellent work.

He identified a protein that increases the transfer of mitochondria from mesenchymal stem cells to lung cells. In work published in The EMBO Journal, the researchers reveal that the delivery of mitochondria to human lung cells can rejuvenate damaged cells.

The migration of mitochondria from stem cells to epithelial cells also helps to repair tissue damage and inflammation linked to asthma-like symptoms in mice.



The scientific committee invited  Dr. Hans Zischka to present his excellent work.

Mitochondrial research indispensably relies on investigations of isolated biochemically intact organelles. However, standard methods lack precisely adjustable and reproducible settings for cell disruption, the initial and most important step in the isolation procedure of mitochondria. To overcome this obstacle, we recently developed a new semi-automated method for isolating functionally intact mitochondria from cultured cells and tissue biopsies. This approach led to new insights into mitochondrial diversity, and also offers new routes for mitochondrial research with a clinical perspective.

Dr. Hans Zischka will present his strategic studies during targeting Mitochondria 2014

Chrysi Koliaki

The scientific committee invited Chrysi Koliaki to present his excellent work.

In this issue of Molecular Metabolism, Martin et al. addressed the intensively debated term “mitochondrial dysfunction” in the context of insulin resistance using a comprehensive cell-autonomous approach, which allowed constant substrate delivery to distinct insulin-sensitive cell types circumventing confounding effects of in vivo inter-tissue crosstalk.


The 4th edition of Targeting Mitochondria World Congress was a huge success



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