Pictures of Targeting Mitochondria 2017

The 8th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria was again this year organized in Berlin on October 23-24, 2017. The 8th edition was an excellent platform, this year for 273 participants from 44 countries, to share data, ideas, critical comments and opinions alike. 

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Happy New Year 2018

Mitochondria-new-year 2018Prof. Volkmar Weissig, President of the World Mitochondria Society wishes you a happy new year, with peace of mind and full of happiness.


Targeting Mitochondria Scientific Contribution Award 2017 for Prof. Vladimir Gogvadze

Vladimir GogvadzeThe Scientific Committee of Targeting Mitochondria World Congress 2017, chaired by Prof. Marvin Edeas and Prof. Volkmar Weissig awarded Prof. Vladimir Gogvadze, from Karolinska Institute, Sweden, for his scientific contribution in mitochondria field.

Prof. Gogvadze's talk focused on the role of mitochondria as a switchboard between various cell death modalities, namely, necrosis, apoptosis, necroptosis and autophagy.


Prof. Maik Huttemann was awarded for his oral communication during Targeting Mitochondria Congress

Maik Huttemann2During the 8th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria which was held in October on October 23-24, 2017, the scientific committee discerned the WMS Oral Communication Award to Prof. Maik Hüttemann, from Wayne State University, USA for his presentation on "Modulation of cytochrome C oxidase activity with specific near-infrared light wavelengths attenuates brain ischemia/reperfusion injury".


The abstracts book of Targeting Mitochondria World Congress 2017 is available

Targeting Mitochondria 2017 Abstracts BookThe PDF version of the final abstracts book of the 8th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria 2017 is now available to order.

If you missed the conference and you would like to order the abstracts book, please click here.


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