Berlin will host the largest conference dedicated to Mitochondria


6th WMS Congress on Targeting Mitochondria
WMS Workshop on How to Evaluate Mitochondria Function & Dysfunction?
October 28-29-30, 2015 - Hotel Ritz Carlton, Berlin
The WMS scientific committee announced the publication of the final agenda and the list of abstracts accepted for oral and poster presentation.
To access to the program, please follow this link.
 Who is attending the sixth WMS congress?
Berlin will host an elite group of academic and industrial experts from leading life sciences, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and biomarkers evaluation companies seeking to exchange knowledge and share ideas ranging from basic science to latest discoveries and innovations around of mitochondria.
To access to the list of universities and companies attending the congress, please follow this link. 

The scientific committee of WMS will present the JWMS Journal during Berlin conference.
The Editorial Board of JWMS will be selected among speakers and members of WMS. You can submit your paper online.

We look forward to welcoming you in Berlin.
Volkmar Weissig
World Mitochondria Society