Presentation of the most recent scientific data and perspectives related to mitochondrial DNA recombination, repair and segregation

A.DietrichDr André Dietrich is Research Director at Institut de Biologie Moleculaire des Plantes, from CNRS, Universite de Strasbourg, France.

According Dr Dietrich: " Dynamics, maintenance and transmission of the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) are at the forefront of organellar genetics. Recombination plays a major role in these processes in many organisms and has mostly been documented at the genetic and molecular level in yeast and plant mitochondria. In these organisms, repeat-mediated recombination generates subgenomes and alternative mtDNA configurations. On the other hand, recombination takes part in mtDNA repair pathways, including errorprone mechanisms like break-induced replication. [...] The mechanisms underlying all these fundamental processes are little understood in mammals. Knowledge gained in plants and introduction of plant factors into mammalian model systems might shed new light into the field."

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