Tissue specificity of mitochondrial energy metabolism

Norbert Gellerich Targeting Mitochondria60 years ago Britton Chance started to investigate the regulation of mitochondrial function. He defined the well known states of OXPHOS, describing the ADP phosphorylation in dependence on the cell work and the availability of oxygen and substrates. Later it was found that cytosolic calcium regulates both, the cell work and the mitochondrial activity. Rate of OXPHOS is determined by the rate of ADP transport into the mitochondria via creatine phosphate shuttle and direct diffusion as well as by a sufficient substrate supply to mitochondria. Mitochondrial properties depend on the cell type under investigation.

During Targeting Mitochondria 2016, Pr Franck Norbert Gellerich from Otto-von-Guericke University, Germany will present the tissue specificity of mitochondrial energy metabolism.

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